Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank goodness for Guidance

Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm a big one for asking for guidance - and believing that you'll always get an answer (one way or another) sometimes from the most unlikely or oddest of sources.  Usually when I talk about guidance, I'm referring to the inner kind - the kind that provides insight into questions that we usually don't ask "out loud," or really can't ask anyone else, other than God/Goddess/All That Is/the Universe/Great Spirit... 

And the truth is, I've personally experienced more times than I can count the exquisite joy and amazement that comes with realizing that my question was heard - and that I really did receive a response.  Best of all, the responses invariably make sense in ways that sometimes aren't immediately apparent.

So, I just can't help but wonder how this post is going to be of service to someone "out there," although it probably will be, in some way, since I'm actually motivated to sit down and share this tidbit with my loyal followers (all ten of you).  (Note:  You guys are on the cutting edge.  Don't let the paucity of your numbers tell you otherwise.)

I just had to laugh this morning while reading one of my favorite writerly blogs (Pimp My Novel), and saw a reference made by guest blogger Laura to the link about which I'm writing.  My goodness, I thought, now that's a document you don't come across every day!  I'll have to make note of it - and maybe even let other people know of its existence.  For who knows?  We may need to emulate this document in other 'burgs and 'burbs across the nation, sooner rather than later!

So, the guidance about which I'm writing today is not, necessarily, guidance of the internal sort, although, come to think of it, it might be...  No, it's far more practical than that.  It is, indeed, the New York City Official Apocalypse Manual.  (The actual document, available in PDF format, and referenced in the article to which I linked, above, is accessible directly here, just in case you want to download it!)

While this document contains lots of practical legal and public health and safety related references, I'm wondering if the actual existence of it, and the fact that it was brought to my attention (and thus all of yours) is the more important message.

Fellow feathered, furred, or otherwise enrobed friends, I think we're in for quite a ride.  The truth is that everything is in flux.  If you are honest with yourself, would you ever have thought that an Official Apocalypse Manual would exist outside of the world of The Onion?  Me neither.  Somehow, though, I take at least a tad of comfort in knowing there's a Manual for the Apocalypse. 

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