Friday, April 29, 2011

Be Careful What You Ask For

Well, here it is. Yet another excuse of mine down the proverbial toilet, courtesy of my wily husband Karl.

Yep, I'm writing this via an iPad 2. And no, I'm not posting this with any intention of bragging or, indeed, hyping myself as a cool, "plugged-in," and therefore "connected" neo-shamanic writer. Ha ha. Far from it.

Rather, I'm giving credit where credit is due. Karl bought me this truly and amazingly MOBILE device in order to manifest a dream I had some 20 years ago, when I first allowed myself to imagine myself a writer. At that time, Apple was just introducing its first laptop computer and oh, was I smitten. Yes, I imagined myself sitting under a tree, by a burbling creek (of course) delightedly tapping out stories under the watchful eye of Mother Nature and All Her Relations.

What a Dreamer.

While I did indeed manifest one of those amazing machines, it didn't quite enable me the freedom I envisioned for myself.


Well, I've often wondered, but even more often managed to blame it on the physical and technological limitations of the machine itself, despite how utterly cutting-edge it truly was at the time. You know, short battery life, the heaviness and bulkiness of the contraption (a pissiness I can now see was not unlike little Miss Goldilocks).

Those were the excuses I made.

And now, here I am, sitting here with a device in my lap that's pretty much the size and weight of maybe a stack of 20 or so pieces of notebook paper. I'm able to access the internet and I'm not even near a building. I have battery power enough to write chapters at a time, much less blog posts or Face Book entries or - Goddess-forbid a tweet now and again.

When Karl wrote in my birthday card that there was an iPad 2 on backorder, winging it's way to me so that I could finally - FINALLY! - fulfill my dream of sitting beside the Tohickon and writing to my heart's desire, I honestly know in my heart that he was giving this gift to me with the purest of intentions.

And wow. The lessons that sometimes come to us when those who love us give us what we say we
want! Being faced now with the reality that I really, truly, honestly have no excuses whatsoever now for not whipping this out whenever a "brilliant" idea for a blog post strikes me, or a random hour pops up giving me the chance to write a few paragraphs or pages in my book, I realize with stunning clarity the truth that's been chasing me for twenty years!

Which is, of course, that I have nothing to blame but myself and my own little internal machinations if I do not produce.

Yikes, that's uncomfortable.

But instead of harping on this in my head, I'm going to take it as the gift of truth and insight that it is. Thank you, Karl, for being an instrument of Spirit, a tool of the Universe (and no, I'm not being a jerk), so to speak, by giving me exactly what I asked for.

The question now is, "What am I going to do with this gift?"

Must run! My battery needs to be charged. Ha ha - for real, too!


  1. You're going to write great things with that gift, that's for sure! You really do need to get working on it... I'm eager to read it ;)

  2. Thanks, Katie, for your encouraging words! Feel free to call me on my procrastination any time.

  3. Yay, it came! And i (unfortunately) relate to your sentiments expressed very well!