Thursday, December 20, 2012

"T minus 1" - Point of Reflection # 8 - Divine Guidance

Today's Point of Reflection comes to us from Divine Guidance Oracle Cards (affiliate link) by Cheryl Lee Harnish.

As you can see from the samples of the cards at right, as well as the larger version of "our" card for today, below, the images in this deck are not as obvious in their meanings.  There aren't any depictions of birds, or clouds, or animals, or people dressed a certain way - all of which create instantaneous associations within our minds, almost always primarily via our cultural biases.  While this can be instructive, it can also be limiting.

The artwork reflected in today's deck utilizes fractals and by its very nature provokes us to start using (and maybe even trusting) our intuition in a deeper way.  I've found these cards speak to my heart in ways that are hard to explain, and evoke emotions and sometimes just a "sense" about things that is almost beyond words. 

The Way I Do It

As I've done throughout this series, before choosing a card for today's blog, I made a point of settling myself and clearing my mind.  I grounded myself by sitting up straight, envisioning "roots" of energy extending down from the soles of my feet, sinking their way down into the earth and connecting with the core of our planet.  I also envisioned white light beaming down from the center of the universe into the top of my head, allowing these earth and astral energies to meet and mingle in my heart.  I then specifically stated my intention to act as a messenger for all who might be reading this blog, and then asked for a card that would speak to each and every one of you, in exactly the way you need.

Today's Point of Reflection:  "AWAKENING"

"This is a powerful card.  You are now entering into a complete awakening:  to your higher self, your intuition, your gifts, your role on the planet and the Divine plan.  The opening of your heart-center is allowing your inner vision to see more clearly.  In turn, this is empowering you on many levels, both energetically and intuitively, to walk your path and do what you have come here to do.  Your Awakening will subconsciously call out to others to step into their own Light as well." 
(c) Cheryl Lee Harnish 2011

Cause for Celebration?

My husband and I have been using these cards since shortly after they were published.  We don't use them every day, by any means, but we have taken them along on many walks over the past 18 months or so. And so it was with a sense of shock that I realized, when I chose for "all of us" today, that I'd never seen this specific card before.  

We only have one more day left before experiencing the Winter Solstice and the much ballyhooed Galactic Alignment, "End" of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, Pachakuti, and fulfillment of Hopi Prophecy.  We've been encouraged, by the Points of Self-Reflection chosen over the past eight days, to:
  • Connect with Spirit, our Higher Selves, our Guardians and Guides, and Mother Earth and her children and elements;
  • Reflect on our heart's desires and what we want to create in our lives; and 
  • Contemplate our dedication and commitment to manifesting our deepest truths and highest callings.
I could not have asked for a more beautiful card for us to receive.  What better cause to Celebrate...than our Awakening?


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