Sunday, December 16, 2012

"T minus 7" - Point of Reflection # 3 - The Gaian Tarot

I'm never disappointed by how amazingly spot-on the guidance I receive is; that is, when I remember to ask for it.  That doesn't mean I'm not disappointed with what I'm being told, though.  Sometimes it feels as though the Universe, God, Goddess, Spirit, whatever you want to call that Essence that is greater than all of us and somehow both holds and IS the matrix that creates everything, is picking on me. 

I do not feel picked on today.

I feel amazed, awed, and humbled.

Again, I settled myself in my space and grounded myself and my thoughts.  I got quiet and still.  I opened my heart and asked for a message, something that would speak to our hearts - all of our hearts - as we struggle to maintain our balance in these chaotic, heart-rending times.

"What do we need to hear?  What do we need to "get" as we move toward this momentous Winter Solstice?" I asked, with deepest sincerity.

The cards of the Gaian Tarot (affiliate link), a lovely, earth-based, beautifully wrought "modern" tarot deck, created by Joanna Powell Colbert, shuffled effortlessly in my hands.  I stopped when I sensed the card to choose was on top.

Our card for Reflection, Contemplation, Celebration, and Connection today?

Justice - Karmic balance

I encourage you to follow the link, above, to read the excerpt pertaining to this card that is provided by the author on her website.  Simply examining the image, however, one can sense the essential message being conveyed to us.

How does this card apply to each of us?

In order to deepen our understanding of how the Justice card applies to us today, we might want to reflect upon the following concepts and how they are, remarkably, swirling around in and infringing upon our collective reality in a myriad of ways, particularly as a result of the tragedy in Newtown, CT.  These themes are, quite literally DEMANDING our attention:
        • Karma                                      Justice
        • Truth                                        Right order
        • Social justice                         Cause and effect
        • Responsibility                       Legal issues
        • Actions and consequences
It is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot continue along the path we've been trodding without encountering profound consequences.  Indeed, we are reaping them in this very moment.  The question is whether we will choose to take responsibility  - now - for the imbalances that are becoming apparent, in both our own lives and our society, and work together to achieve a new sense of equanimity.

We are in this together.

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