Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"T minus 2" - Point of Reflection # 7 - Co-Creation Code Deck

Today's tool to aid us in self-reflection is a card chosen from the Co-Creation Code Deck (affiliate link) by Rowena Pattee Kryder.

This deck is very different from "the Tarot" in general, or any other oracular implement we've explored so far during this journey toward the Winter Solstice of 2012.

Indeed, there are so many layers, so many levels to these cards, that I must readily admit that I have only explored them superficially.  My sense since purchasing them some years ago is that they represent keys to unlock some very deep and profound layers of our consciousness.  I've never felt a call to use them on a daily basis - rather, I've used them as a touchstone when encountering deep feelings of profound change in myself or in my environment.

The card I chose for "us" today is:

"15 - WIND - Order interconnects"

"The Wings of Wind play the harp of the collective unconscious, projected from space.  Only the imagination can reach this Wind - for it is subtle, intangible - within your consciousness.  Listen!  You can hear its murmuring, its high frequency, its soothing voice as well as its howling!  Listen to the wind in trees and grasses, the wind-lapped waves of lakes. Listen to hurricanes!  What is the Wind saying to you?  It will penetrate to the matrix of your being and from this matrix you can weave the Wind - merge threads of subconscious desires - into a fabric of sublime beauty.  Opposites weave into one another in this Wind of essences.  You can now integrate what appears to be irreconcilable into variegated garments to embody your truth.  If there is a gap between the essences of Wind and the physical force of wind, write a poem.  Realize that interconnection, weaving, integration of soul happens by dream work, imaginal work, symbolic ways.  Fly free in the Wind and make it your friend.  How is the wind apart from space?  You breathe wind, whereas space is in the mind.  Unite space and Wind in an infinitesimally small or infinitely large awareness that your own soul matrix is one with all sources.  Relax in the breeze and speak from the Wind!"
(c) 2003 by Rowena Pattee Kryder

I am going to "trust," once again, that I was encouraged to use this deck today, and choose this card in particular, for the benefit of those of you who've had the courage and dedication to accompany me thus far.  Perhaps those of you who have an affinity to music and harmonics will receive a message or gain an insight from "tuning" into the Harmonic specified on the card, and the note referenced, that will be more meaningful than all the words in the world.

I don't pretend to understand this, beyond my own connection with the Wind itself.  My passions lie in connecting with the Elements, with Nature, and with Spirit as expressed through them, and more.  But perhaps we all "interconnect" with each other and All That Is through our own unique passions, loves, and predilections.

Find what speaks to you ~ and listen.   Allow yourself to be carried by the Wind into a place of deepest reflection.  Allow yourself to appreciate your own precious way of being in harmony in this world.

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  1. aha! Wind! The fierceness of the wind captured my attention this morning. It seemed to come from nowhere and blew so hard that it knocked over our 6+ foot Christmas tree from our fairly well protected (or so i thought)covered front porch...